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About photographing, Feedback and Buying

Hello, this is max yet again after a long time without much activity, today am going to make a quick post about giving me feedback and how you can possible acquirer some of my works if you find you wishing so, a least without stealing them outright which i hope you don’t…

I love taking photos, photos i find to be the only reliable method of capturing a moment in time when all the rest of said moment is lost trough time, it’s the visual documentations of how something was at that particular time and a way to also share and document some of your experience to your friend and family and in this digital ages of social media and stuff like that even strangers,

taking photos that gain high value is very hard but taking photos in the first place is not, is one of the few things anyone at any age can do as in the end disregarding all the technical knowledge, how many pixels your camera need, the “right way” to shot things to a archive a particular effect or to a particular event and all that stuff cause when you boil it all down, it’s matter of pressing a button at the right time to capture a moment in time of something, i remember for many many years ago when i was young and got a compact camera(yes, the crappy but decent at the time ones) it was not the greatest, it was not even fast or of the best image quality, heck it shot jpeg that would be consider medium quality nowadays, but i was happy, happy of course to get presents(who isn’t?) but also cause i could push a button and i could save a moment of time and which i could share with others, all it required was a couple batteries and a memorycard to store it, i have grown quite a far bit from that time but the fact still remain that it does not require much or any previous knowledge to start taking photos, there’s no “negative” thing to learn in it as everything helps you to grow to take better photos, yes, even the time when you forget to save your photos before taking new ones or forgetting setting resolution from small to big….

in photographing there’s many different types of genres to specialize in, like animals, wildlife, architectures, traveling, urban, street photographing, abstract and so on, and some of them can have multiple of them like “urban wildlife” for instance and so on, me personally love to try capturing things i see in a way that others may not have done before, i love trying out new things and angles to get effect that may make the photo less boring then it usually would have, and sometimes i even go full abstract and just trying to get the the most creative photo i can manage at the time and place, many of them don’t turn out the best and thus either is outright scrapped or hidden in the far back my drive until i decide to look at them again a couple years later in my search for photos to use for something. many of them also is not bad per se but i feel can not really be used for much, like the photos from a event that not many would give a damn about outside of friends, some photos does however and they either end up in my gallery on this site and/or get uploaded exclusively to 500px for people to possible buy if they fancy it…

and the last point is something i wanna shortly touch a little more on, as i mentioned, photos uploaded to 500px have been marked as exclusively which mean 500px is the only distributor which are allowed to sell them and thus i can not sell them on any other sides, or mine own even really, however, as far as i know, it does not prevent me from giving it to someone or if someone ended up contacting my personally to create a contract which would not be possible to create on 500px, say, the local pet store needed a image for their shop and it would be more logical to sell for certain discount off in exchange for more exposure, or a friend comes up to me personally and say “i really like that photo, how much for it?” then depending on what the use for it was may have a discount on it, but in generally, it would be better(and sometimes even faster) to just order straight from 500px unless as mention there might be other reasons not to….

The last topic i want to talk about is feedbacks, feedbacks is important to let the creator of something know what they did right and what they did not as well as what people like and what they did not so the creator can more focus on what people like instead of what they don’t like, it’s also helps the creator knowing they get noticed and not just “running around” in the dark, they say “someone watched can’t effort laziness” and i have to agree on that to some extent, if you know there’s someone supporting you then you are less likely to be lazy about it to avoid they have to wait so long for something from you which i guess in overall is a good thing….

if you want to provide any feedback, whether is negative or positive then please do so either on the individual photos on 500px or directly using the details on the “about me” page…

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